The dominant species of the planet Trivalia and one of the founding races of the GU. Petrytes are tall spindly creatures possessing large eyes and thin bodies. Most of their limbs are double jointed and have weak muscles. Their planet has very extreme conditions; some are harsh and others are lax.

The Petryte’s history is filled with difficult times. Most of their time pre-space travel was spent battling the elements. Everything on Trivalia has a tremendous mortality rate, and to compensate, produce large amounts of offspring. Petryte’s eventually overcame the harsh conditions of their planet, but this caused their population to skyrocket. Their planet became overcrowded very rapidly and they saw no way to sustain this.

The only solution they could come up with was turning to the stars. Their fledgling space program sent probes to nearby planets hoping to find one worthy of expanding to. Unfortunately the probes that they made were made to withstand their own planet’s low pressure. All of them were lost to the intense gravity or thick atmosphere of the alien planets.

Unable to find a world that they could live comfortably on, they began developing orbital platforms. The first couple went up with a population of nearly one million each. These ended up being a huge benefit for the Petrytes and more and more were developed. Soon their planet was almost completely obscured by their expanding array of platforms.

With the bustle of space activity orbiting Trivalia it became quite a unique sight. The planet attracted the attention of the Koncurans of Awa, whose telescopes were very powerful. Awa sent ambassadors to Trivalia hoping to start relations with another intelligent race. They agreed to work together peacefully, but this wasn’t without difficulty.

The Petrytes thought the Koncurans had come to attack them after a misunderstanding regarding their first transmission. Due to the Petryte’s sensitive ears the relative booming voices of the Koncurans voices deafened them. The ordeal was resolved rather quickly, though, and the two races became fast friends. The two, along with a number of other species the Koncurans had made contact with, agreed to unite in order to create a “Greater Universe” through collaboration. With the help of their new allys the Petrytes started sending their platforms further and further away. Now the GU is filled with Residential Platforms that include both Petryte exclusive and all-inclusive variations.

Much like Trivalia, the Petyrtes are very temperamental. They have a reputation for being very picky and harsh. Most other members of the GU prefer not to work with them because of how particular they are. Its an unfortunate development and many Petrytes wish they could change their image, but the alternative would be very unpleasant for them. Because of their sensitive senses and allergies, they cannot survive amongst other species without great discomfort.


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