The Furies

Battlesuit-wearing trio seeking revenge


Alex, Megan and Tiffany Lyta are the daughters of the esteemed physicist Howard Lyta. Previously employed by Vulcan Technologies, Howard worked closely with Andrew Vulcan on various projects. While working on Project: Helios (A cold fusion reactor), there was a terrible explosion that killed Howard.

Enraged by their father’s death, the three sisters sought revenge against Andrew Vulcan and his company. Stealing prototypes of the Vulcan armor from Chicago and modifying it, the three girls took on the identities of the Furies. They attacked Vulcan Technologies facilities around the world, stealing and destroying the research they found there. Luckily, Hephaestus was able to stop them when they attempted to destroy Vulcan Tower via a nuclear explosion.

While all three sisters hate Andrew Vulcan with a passion, Alex Lyta’s fury truly knows no bounds. The eldest Lyta sister will go to any length for her vengeance against Hephaestus, even at the cost of her own life (or others lives). While the other two are less ‘determined’, they often are convinced by their elder sister in going along with her plans.

The Furies

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