Kid Dynamo

Teenager, Speedster, Newest Member of VALOR


Kid Dynamo, once an ordinary kid from Los Angeles in High School. He had a tendency for being late and one day, on his way to soccer practice, he was cutting through one the storage facilities for a nearby Nuclear Power Plant. Obviously he was spotted by security, and a guard attempted to apprehend him. That’s when the ground started shaking. The Big One. An Earthquake. Everything was happening so fast. The building shook. A truck was tipping over, and he saw a bunch of ten gallon drums headed right for him. A giant wooden telephone pole right in front of him. The drums smashed against it and cracked open, yellow liquid spilling everywhere. He tried to run but the ground fell out from under him. He reached out to the edge and tried hang on. The edge crumbled, and he grabbed a dangling cord. It was slick with the yellow liquid. It was a wire from the fallen post and it was still live._ Jolt_.

He woke up in the hospital a few weeks later. He was alive and well. And he was given a whole set of abilities. He was as fast as lightning, and he could manipulate kinetic energy. His family has no idea. His friends have no idea. He lives two lives. One at home, and school. And the other across LA, saving people with his abilities as Kid Dynamo. And every now and then, when a bigger problem arises he reaches out to his other more powerful friends.

Kid Dynamo

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