Commander Star (Deceased)

World War II Super-soldier and hero fighting for Freedom and Justice

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Commander Star, born in 1921 as Simon Steel, was an average kid growing up in Washington D.C. It wasn’t long before, when the United States entered World War II, Simon tried to enlist in the armed forces. After being denied time and time again, he began to give up on his dream. Until one night, he was having a pensive one-sided conversation with the Lincoln Memorial, when he heard a man in trouble. Running to his help, he found a man laying on the ground unconscious, bleeding from a stab wound in his chest. “You can’t call the police..” the man groaned. He had a french accent, a briefcase, and not a lot of time. Simon brought the man back to his home and attempted to patch his wounds.

A few weeks later, after the man had begun to heal and recover. He had told Simon how he had fled France only days before Germany had marched in. He was a french scientist experimenting with the human genome, attempting to enhance their soldiers. He believed he had finally perfected it. But hadn’t had a chance to test it. With France being invaded, he fled to the United States, in hopes they would accept it and save his homeland. Instead, they attempted to kill him and take it. But he wounded the man that had attacked him and ran.

A few nights later, Simon couldn’t resist the idea any longer. Knowing that the man planned to leave soon, he broke open the briefcase late one night and ingested the only vial of serum within. He became dizzy and fell unconscious. He was woken up the next day by the scientist, and he was taller, stronger, and healthier. He was a for all intents and purposes, a super soldier. It wasn’t long before he joined the war effort and became Commander Star. A patriotic symbol for freedom.

Towards the end of the war, Commander Star had a series of run-ins with a group called Das Abgrund. it was lead by an SS officer and powerful mystic name Count Manfred Von Orlock. It is believed that Commander Star defeated Von Orlock aboard a Nazi Zeppelin and the Count died in the crash.

After the war, he helped a federal agent named Virginia Hill form a new organization SPEAR. Over the years, they fought to keep peace in the world. Commander Star Joined in a number of wars throughout the years.

In the 1950’s Commander Star took on a protege, or sidekick as they call them now. He was called Stripes to hide his identity, but his real name was Liam O’Connors. He was an irish immigrant that was orphaned young and Commander Star took him in, as he knew what it was like to lose your family and struggle to survive.

Then In 1959, Stripes was killed in a mission in the Pacific, just a few miles outside of Laos. Commander Star and Stripes were assisting in a naval operation that went sour. And sadly, Stripes was stuck in the lower decks, with no way out. Stricken with guilt, over the death of his sidekick, he vowed to never take another side kick. And he didn’t, at least until 1995 when he met Danny Broker. Danny idolized Commander Star, and after their first meeting continued to follow and help him. The Commander tried to get rid of him, telling him it was too dangerous. But Danny wouldn’t take no for an answer. Eventually Danny grew on him and he was officially named the second Stripes in 1997.

Danny’s career as Stripes was also short lived. Danny had thought for years that he was an orphan, having never met his father. But it wasn’t official until 1999, when he was contacted by social services. He had a 9 year old sister and his father had been in a fatal car accident. With his recent birthday, he is the closest blood relative of legal age.

Though Danny couldn’t continue as Stripes, him and the Commander still kept in touch over the years. And the Commander would later contact SPEAR about a setting up a residence for Danny and his sister.

In the year 2002, another young teen made an impression on the commander. Her name was Michaela Masters. She was a college student that couldn’t afford to continue her education with the recent economic collapse. She was strong willed and believed in freedom, justice, and her Lord and Savior. She was the third and final Stripes. Michaela held the title all the way until the Commanders death in 2005.

The final year of the Commanders life was a maelstrom of slander and media coverage. Although nobody is sure how it leaked, the truth was found out about the events that occurred in the Cold War. He had been the reason for one of the worst nuclear disasters in history. He had attacked a soviet Metahuman named The Half-Life who had grown unstable. He lost control of his powers during his death and ravaged an area in Ukrainian SSR. Spear had covered it up. But R.K. Samson has unbelievable resources when it comes to an investigation.

Throughout the entirety of the investigation, trial, and sentencing Commander Star was honorable and respectful of the law. He had always regretted some of the things he had been forced to do. Operation Laos Skies, the Chernobyl Cover up. So he refused special treatment such as solitary confinement to protect him from convicts. When asked for his last meal, words and wishes, he ordered a cheese burger from his favorite diner and only had this to say “I hope that Stripes is doing well. I want America to know that nobody, even myself, should be allowed to avoid the consequences of their actions. Fight for what you believe. Believe in what you fight for. And you shall never lose your way… Hey you liar evil living I.” The last part he mumbled in a muffled slur of words as he turned from the microphone. He silently walked to the chamber and underwent the lethal injection.

Commander Star (Deceased)

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