“They are among us. The official story calls them Meta-humans! What does that mean, you ask? Some seem to think that they have been sent as a gift from God, to protect us from evil. Some believe they’re the next stage in evolution, or the pinnacle of human progress. And more don’t care what they are, and just want them gone. The evidence is inescapable. There’s a never ending war between those who wish to help their fellow man, and those who attempt to take advantage of us. The only problem is, how does the common man know the difference?! That’s where I come in! As editor of the biggest newspaper in this fine city, I swear, I will never steer you wrong! Good now get out. No I don’t want that last line in there.” —R.K. Samson, Chief Executive of Circadian Cornet Communications (C3), Author of critically acclaimed book entitled Crusader or Coward:Take Off the Mask

This is a power level 14 campaign centered around a group of established heroes rivaling the power of some of the strongest characters you know in the comic pages or on the big screen. They will have to overcome threats larger than any one of them could handle, and do it with a smile. And it’s not just the big bad guys they have to watch out for.

There are house rules for character building in this campaign.

1. The group gets 75 equipment points for stuff. Bases, vehicles, etc. and characters can chip in more. (No he’s the boss. I just pay for everything, build everything.)

2. Presence above 5 grants you 1 presence advantage such as attractive.

3. Every hero can have a sidekick of up to 75 pts for free. More points may be spent from your Hero.

4. For every responsibility (aunt may), weakness (kryptonite), or complication (MJ) you take you get 5 points. To a maximum of 15.

5. Every “nemesis” or personal villain you have is worth one point. Up to 4 pts.

Metahumans or Menace?!

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