Power Ideas for Kelvin’s mental transformation.


Ice Array

Icecaliber: Damage (+1, Area (Line) +1)
Notes: My idea here was to give him a “Melee” attack that was quite devastating to make sure
he wouldn’t be helpless at close range. The visual for this attack would be a quickly formed ice sword
that resembles excaliber that can be used to attack in a line like a sweep. He could swing it
vertically overhead or from side to side.

Ice Shrapnel: Damage (+1, Ranged (Per) +2, Area (Radius) +1)
Notes: Rapidly freezing the moisture in the air, Kelvin creates an “Ice-Bomb” that explodes in
every direction at a certain point.

Flash Freeze: Affliction (+1, Ranged (Per) +2) Extra Effect +1)
Notes: Unlike his “Cone of Coldness,” this power instantly freezes a selected target.

Ice Block: Create (Continuous +1, Precise +1, Impervious +1)
Notes: Added the Impervious tag to Kelvin’s original power so it could be better used


Atmospheric Lift: Move Object (+2, Limited (Water) -1)
Notes: This would allow Kelvin to move the ice he creates by manipulating the Moisture around
him or his created objects.

Body Type

Water Cycle: Regeneration 10 (+1, Source (Moisture) -1) (5)
Notes: Due to Xen Kelvin’s spongy nature, his body is fragile but his mind is his toughness
now. Though he will be easy to damage if undefended, he isn’t easy to bring down. This power could
allow him to “pull a Mei” and encase himself in ice in order to heal.

Recombinative Consciousness: Immortality 19 (+2, Limited (Microwaves) -1) [Every Other Round] (19)
Notes: With this power Kelvin doesn’t have to feel easy to kill. With his mind in complete
control of his powers, he can rebuild his body automatically because it is more of a vessal in this
form. The Limited to Microwaves extra may be redundant though due to microwaves nullifying all of his
powers anyways.

Body Synergy: Insubstantial 2 (+5) (10)
Notes: Just a better version of Kelvin’s original power without the need to progress through
the stages.

Black Ice: Concealment 4 (8)
Notes: Kelvin creates a perfectly clear body that makes him invisible to all types of vision.

Evaporation: Flight 1
Notes: It’s hard to envision a powerful mind-based character without at least personal


Penetrates Concealment (Limited to Ice) (2)
Notes: My idea with this is that Xen Kelvin has no toughness or dodge score, so his defensive
capabilities stem from his “Create” power. This sense power would allow him to create
shields/walls/structures to defend himself and never have to worry about cutting his visibility.


Water Walking 1 (+2, Affects Others +1) (3)

Teleport (+2, Limited (Porous Connected Ground) -1)
Notes: This here would be Kelvin’s primary locomotion. It would allow him to slip into the
ground and reappear somewhere else. Now that I think about it. This could probably be covered better
through burrowing…

Burrowing (+1)
Notes: Less convoluted way to give him essentially the same power as above.


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