Wrestling Entertainment Television

Wrestling Entertainment Television is a company created by William “Billy” Forge back in the early 1980s that organized wrestling matches and sold shows across the nation and of course televised them to those that didn’t have tickets.

It has been long believed that the fighting is scripted and the punches are pulled, if not completely faked. But it is home to some of the strongest men in the country, if not the world.

In 2011, one of the franchise’s biggest stars Night Tide was outed as a some type of meta-human or alien by a fellow wrestler Randy Roads. It caused a media circus for the entire year. Circadian Cornet Communications was breathing down William Forge’s neck. They continued to claim that the network knew, and that they were harboring a meta-human. But there were never any real criminal charges.

In 2012, Billy Forge started a movement. A reformation of the network. Wrestling Entertainment Television would forever be changed, most would say for the better. Billy Forge began recruiting and hiring any known meta-humans that refused to use their powers for good. His goal was to focus these people’s motives on fighting each other for fame and wealth and provide them with an opportunity other than villainry.

Wrestling Entertainment Television

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