The Supermassive Being

The unofficial collection of ideas for the black hole creature.

The Supermassive Being

Black Hole Sciency Terms:

Event Horizon

General Sciency Terms:



Innately invisible to sight, only visible through thermal vision

Enormous gravitational field constantly swirling around it

Physically small in size, but ridiculously huge in scope

Its very presence alters the orbits of entire galaxies


The being has possibly existed for billions of years. Its interactions with civilized life were non-existant for most of recorded history. Its very existance was questionable due to it being nearly undetectable. Eventually the space-faring races of the universe noticed the being affecting entire galaxies and attempted to dispose of it.

Wars were wagered with a being so immense that it’s very presence could destroy a star-fleet. The Chorus was powerless to stop the being, as it absorbed any light that approached it.

Eventually the denizens of the Universe discoverd that the being was not malicious, but was only trying to survive by absorbing the residual radiation given off by black holes. Peace was established between the universe and the being.

Some forms of life owe their existence to this being. Thus, a number of cults have been founded in reverence of its splendor. These cult’s activities range from peaceful thankfulness, to attempts to approach it, to plots to create more black holes for it to devour.

Conversly, many homeworlds have been destroyed by this being, and some creatures wish to destroy or banish it.

The Supermassive Being

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