The Greater Universe

The Greater Universe is one of the major galactic sectors. It borders the Kheprinian Tribunal and the sector known as Dark Space. The GU is comprised of planets unified in the belief that unity will excell them beyond what they could accomplish themselves. No planet has ever been forced to join the GU, but few have ever turned down the offer.

The most famous planet to turn them down was Theaven, who’s leader believed that they must remain neutral so that they could protect the universe without bias. The GU does enjoy the most Chorus presence because of Theaven’s presence. The Greater Universe has no trouble letting the Chorus do their duty. It knows that time and time again The Angels have saved its citizens and planets from various threats.

Planets that join the GU gain numerous benefits. A planetary network of information and technology is made available to all of its members. Though the GU has a universal Language called Galactik, most species are encouraged to retain their culture. Galactik is a combination of the languages of the founding planets and is usually standardized into inducted worlds.

Notable Planets:
- Aethourus
- Awa
- Axenokeanos
- Duvos
- Trivalia

The Greater Universe

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