The Chorus

The Chorus:

“Let there be light”
-The Father GY01 ~ His decree upon founding the Chorus.

In a universe comprised mostly of darkness, there is a great need for bearer’s of light. The Chorus of Angels, or usually simplified to The Chorus, is a supernatural galactic police force that is constantly at war with the forces of darkness. The Angels themselves are beings made of pure incorporeal light that are blessed with incredible powers. Unable to directly interact with the physical world, The Angels must “possess” a being that is deemed worthy, and the two of them form a sort of symbiosis. The host is given immense power in exchange for protecting the universe. The two of them are able to freely converse on a mental level, and the two of them often rub off on each other. Some older Angels and Hosts have become so alike that the Angel’s powerful voice can manifest through its host’s. The Angel can terminate the bond if it feels the actions of the host are harmful to Others, Himself, or The Chorus.

Their founder and leader is known as The Father. He resides on the Chorus Homeworld, Theaven, and oversees all Chorus activity. He is the most powerful Angel by far and has even been able to manifest himself physically without the need of a host. Tough, but fair, he is thought of favorably by most galactic civilizations. Because of his power and far reaching influence, many primitive civilizations, such as Earth, worship him as a god.

Earth’s knowledge of The Chorus mostly comes from the only Human to be chosen by an Angel. The Angel, Nazar, was tasked with tracking down a rogue from the Chorus who was said to be hiding in the quiet regions of space. When he found the rogue, they did battle, but the rogue was far too strong. He restored his host to life 4 times during the battle, but the Rogue was relentless. It was obvious that the only way to escape was to abandon his host and flee to a nearby planet. His host understood, and Nazar found his way to Earth. There he took a risky move and possessed an unborn child, hoping that the rogue would not be able to find him. His gamble paid off, and soon young Jesus was born.

Jesus had Nazar for the entirety of his life, and this made him an exceptional member of the chorus. He shared the glory of the Angels, and the greatness of The Father with humanity. But the people of Earth took his words too literally. Some people of power disliked the ideas that Jesus introduced and eventually sentencing him to death. Nazar tried to convince Jesus to fight, but he refused to demonstrate the true power of the Angels upon an underdeveloped civilization. He carried out his sentence, knowing full well that Nazar would ressurect him on the 3rd day. After proving what he was capable of, he left Earth for Theaven.

“You mean Humans believe that the great flood happened on Earth?! Don’t you think there would have been some historical evidence of that big of an event? Hell, Aethorus still hasn’t fully recovered from that.”
- An amused Angel GY 10939

Just before exiting the Milky Way, Jesus and Nazar were attacked by the Rogue. He had been lying in wait for Nazar to once again show himself, for he couldn’t let word of his location reach Theaven. This battle was more even though, as Jesus and Nazar were just as bonded as the Rogue and his Angel. Jesus had felt the Rogues presence on Earth for years.
Even being so far away his corruptive powers spread all the way to Earth. He believed this was why humans were capable of such good, and such great evil. The clashing of their power threatened to destroy the Earth, so Jesus and Nazar sacrificed themselves to seal the Rogue and his dark planet of Hehl away. Hopefully never to be seen again.

“I’ve read the Bible… I’m not a fan.”
- The Father GY 10933

The Rogue himself was an angel named Luzifer. His host is a creature belonging to an ancient race known as Thedevals, he was one of the first members of the Chorus, and made the invasion of the Thedeval homeworld possible. Thedevals are light eating creature’s that’s very presence can corrupt organic creatures. Their hunting habits involved depressing their prey to the point that they don’t resist being killed, or causing them to become violently aggressive toward each other and injure themselves, making them easy pickings. They were a real threat to the universe, but their light absorbing attribute made Chorus invasion almost impossible.

Luzifer was the most powerful angel and he burst through the dark aura of the planet and possessed one of the Thedevals. The creature’s will was overtaken by Luzifer and he broke the dark barrier. The Chorus poured over the planet and wiped out the Thedevals. Luzifer fought to keep his host though, and eventually The Father allows him to keep it. But the beast wore down on him, and it began affecting his behavior. His position in the Chorus seemed to wane as The Father chose other Angels over him, due to the loss of trust. Soon, he was so worn down that the apparent betrayal was too much for him. He violently departed from Theaven, learning that he could absorb Angels and add their power to his own. Becoming more powerful than any angel could stop he cuts a swathe of destruction through the galaxy until he is sealed away by Nazar.

The Chorus

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