Summary of First Movie.

-Blizzaro freezes Vegas, Ex. Military Police Officer Cal Carver and a group of specially trained officers gear up to stop him in a Casino called The Magic Vault.

-The Team gets slaughtered, except for Cal who finds an elevator to the Vault.

-Cal Gets defeated by a Ice Demon summoned by Blizzaro, gets thrown into a magical pool in the impossibly large vault inside the casino.

-Survives due to latent magical abilities that sustained him, finds a necklace that can speak to him at the bottom that teleports him to a room where magical items are kept.

-Carver finds a sword that unlocks some of his natural magical ability, gains control over the element of fire, finds out the name of the necklace lady, Viv, and uses the sword to defeat the Ice Demons and Slay Blizzaro. (Montage of Demon destruction, Crush 40 – Open Your Heart Playing.)

-Tells Police he was just knocked unconscious, not wanting to share all he had seen.

-Watches TV

-Heads to Europe to find someone to train him in the art of magic, but gets captured by a SHIVA assassin named Savage who takes him to South America and puts him in an underground cell for unknown reasons, presumably not good for him. She takes Viv when she captures him.

-Carver Breaks out after killing a guard by summoning his sword, uses his magic senses to find the necklace and takes it back from Savage, escapes into the forest and uses the sword to travel to a different plane to escape Savage and her assassins.

-Finds himself in a demon plane called “Azoth” where he fights a demon called Gortharr, who can grow over 60 feet tall easy. (Not sure of height, will fix) He eventually shrinks down and fights Carver with an axe, Carver manages to escape the plane.

-Carver ends up in Drasnac, where he meets King Vitor, who promises to teach him magic, and makes him a Justicar.


Moonlighter Part 2: The Call of Justice

-Falls in love with Cassandra Fields, a fellow Justicar who hunts down mages who misuse their powers.

-Fields sent away by King Vitor on secret mission, Carver left behind.

-Studying Magic Intensifies until he decides it is time to return to his home, back to the police force.

-Return to Vegas, New Captain, Briggs informs Carver of increased crime in Vegas, Carver also senses demon activity. Carver returns to police duty, after being cleared by Dr. Porter, a psychiatrist at the LVPD.

-Carver gets assigned a lazy partner which allows him to continue demon hunting and to use his powers secretly when needed. Savage ends up hunting Carver down and faces off in Vegas against him. She gets captured by an unknown assailant called The Ringer, while Carver is distracted by thugs.

-Carver tries to investigate The Ringer but keeps on hitting dead ends, he tries to set up a ritual to locate him, but The Ringer knows his every move and sends men to stop him. He has to use his sword to travel to a different dimension to escape. Finds him self in mirror universe where Blizzaro did take over, and Carver didn’t stop him. His Sword is missing.

-Blizzaro Senses Carvers arrival and comes to pay him back for their last meeting. Carver is losing the fight when he senses his sword, he manages to surprise Blizzaro with a teleport kick and tries to follow the sword, only to find an Alternate Cassandra Fields running with it.

-Blizzaro catches up and summons demons to fight them, They are defeated and Blizzaro kills the alternate Cassandra, but not before she throws Carver his sword, he uses it to defeat the demons and kill Blizzaro once more. He promises to return yet again.

-Carver heads back to his own world once he recovers and is met by a thug of The Ringer, who hands him a mask and a letter addressed to Moonlighter, from The Ringer, explaining that he could see the future, and the future he saw ended in three months. The Ringer believed that Moonlighter could save this world, and told him to use his spell to find Savage, not The Ringer himself, and he would succeed. Carver takes up the Moonlighter name and proceeds with the ritual.

-Moonlighter locates Savage beneath the Hard Rock hotel parking garage, he shows up and defeats dozens of thugs, and sneaks in to an underground fighting pit, where demons are made to fight one another, and Savage was the next contender. He defeats all of the thugs with the help of Savage and she goes back to her home, vowing to return one day to finish her hunt.

-Carver continues to look in to The Ringer, and looks in to the possibility that the world is ending in a few months, he continues his work as a police officer, though his captain is furious that Moonlighter exists. He continues to wear the mask at night, helping people, and slaying demons. Ever vigilant, for he knows he is one of the few that can stop Blizzaro from taking over this world, like he has done so many others.

-The End.


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