Kheprinian Tribunal


A powerful intergalactic empire, the Kheprinain Tribunal has ruled entire sectors of the galaxy for thousands of years. Having started on a small desert planet called Sikarra, the empire expanded rapidly until it became a major empirical force. While capable and willing to conquer entire planets, the Kheprinian Tribunal mainly conquered systems by offering less advanced worlds their powerful technology in exchange for subservience.

The Tribunal maintains their massive empire thanks to splitting it between three emperors, each representing the three aspects of the universe (the Sun, the Earth and the Wastes ). The current Emperor of Sun is Ra, who rules along with his two sons, Osiris and Set.

The Kheprinian Tribunal is ultimately a theocracy, where the emperors (and the nobility of the capital planet of Sikarra) are worshiped as gods. Often, the Sikarrian rulers ‘bless’ mortals on the planets they rule with the title of Pharoah, granting them great power and godhood over their respective planet.

Kheprinian Tribunal

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