The movie opens with a torch lighting a ancient Greek style room, in the center is a large table depicting a circular map of the world. A figure walks in, but the camera doesn’t pan to show his face. However, you do see he is wearing ornate black armor, stylized with the image of a ferocious three-headed dog and various winged women.

“Untouched since Father swore off the mortal world…..just as I had hoped.”

In the doorway slinks an attractive black haired woman, dressed in a red toga pinned with a clasp shaped like a golden apple. She walks seductively towards a shelf, lined with various clay figures of different shapes and sizes.

“Six billion mortals in their realm….All ours to play with as we see fit.” She smiles wickedly, running a long nailed (almost clawed) hand over a figurine of a snarling one-eyed giant.

“Our absence has made them weak.” The man in the shadows dusts off the large map-table with a black gauntleted hand, “It would almost be too easy if it weren’t so much fun.”

“Give it a week, my dear,” the woman says, placing a figurine of a man with a bull’s head in his hand, “After that, it will be nothing but chaos…..”

“Chaos,” the man says, placing the figurine on the map, “And war.

The camera pans across the map table, away from where the figurine was placed. Out on the other end of the table, out of view of the two in the room, is another figurine. A figurine…..of a young man in a suit.

Meanwhile, Chicago is holding the yearly Pandora Symposium: one of the largest tech expos in the world. Andrew Vulcan is being prepped to give his presentation, his personal assistant Alexis DeMilo.

“Remember, stick to the script. Don’t promise them stuff we haven’t even began work on yet.”
“Hey, I ended up finishing the holo-phone prototype, didn’t I?.”

Basic Premise

-Andrew Vulcan gives a fantastic presentation of Vulcan Technologies new technologies. He is approached by an old man with a cane, but the old man is ignored due to the press.

-Minotaur attacks Chicago!! Chicago is devastated. Andrew Vulcan decides to figure out how to help in case something like that happens again.

-In Andrew’s lab, he encounters the old man from earlier. The old man introduces himself as Andrew’s father, the Greek God of the Forge. Together, the two of them begin work on the Vulcan Armor, which Andrew will use to defend Chicago.

-Ares sends another monster: a Hydra. However, Andrew is waiting for him. Slaying the Hydra, he introduces himself to the city of Chicago as Hephaestus.

-Ares, angry for being defeated, goes to earth himself, an army of monsters with him. Hephaestus defends Chicago from the monsters, eventually culminating with a fight with the God of War himself.

-Ares is defeated, and Hephaestus is brought before Olympus. Zeus is furious that his son (Ares) was beaten by a scrawny inventor rather than a mighty warrior, to which Andrew responds “You’re just mad I can back up my hubris.”


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