Cortex - Mind Over Matter

the movie opens with a man running from the cops, he enter an abandoned building and locks the door behind him. he goes to a wall pulls out a medallion he is wearing around his neck and presses agenst the wall the wall slides apart and he enter a dark stair well when he enter the wall closes and torches light up. he goes down the stair into a big room were other are waiting, tells one of them that SHIVA is to spread out they need new direction otherwise it will never be like the glory days. out of the corner of the room steps a person this man has never seen the new person says that is where i come in i will make SHIVA a force to be reckoned with once again under my new leadership. the man asks him his name he says it is hidden dagger.

cut to 16 years later Dave Roger is going to his school it seems like any other day but little dose he know this is going to be the start of a whole new life for him.

Dave Rogers: why does school have to be so boring i wish i could just make this day end.
(after school his teacher tells him to stay after)

Dave Rogers: great this day wont end
Teacher: i noticed you are not focusing in class lately i expected so much more from you especially with your gifts.
Dave Rogers: what does he mean gifts he cant simply mean educational merit i mean i have always been able to get what i want from people but surly that is not anything to write home about
teacher:……. i know u can control minds but you are not using your all your powers i can teach you
Dave Rogers: WAIT WHAT!!!!
Teacher: you see i am not really a teacher i just come to schools posing as a sub to scout out potential recruits for my organisation and i think you would be a great pick… so what do you say? by the way u can call me hidden dagger
dave rogers: so you can teach me to control my power and unlock more?
Hidden Dagger: yes your mind control is just the start of the powers you posses
Dave Rogers: well it sure as hell beats boring school
Hidden Dagger: good meet me outside this school tonight

Dave leaves the school his girlfriend Christina chambers is waiting for him outside

Christina: what took you so long Dave i thought we were going to the movies after school today
Dave: yeah we are sorry i had a crazy day today i will tell you about it on the way
Dave: ………. so i am going to a specialized school to train in combat
Christina: will i still get to see you?
Dave: i will try to see you as much as i can but i dont know what their rules are yet (i hate lieing to her but i cant tell her that i am going to get trained to use my powers)

Cortex - Mind Over Matter

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