Circadian Cornet Communications

Circadian Cornet Communications, or C3, was initially founded as a small newspaper in the city of Seattle in 1978. It started off way ahead of it time. The three man operation: Ernest Pixley, Mason Brooks, and headed by R.K. Samson, took on any story they could get their hands on. They ousted corruption. They exposed scandals. Best of all, they did these things with integrity!

By the mid 1980’s, they were the largest newspaper in Westhaven City and they started to spill out over the surrounding areas. Samson and crew were the biggest names in the Pacific Northwest. But that’s about the time the trouble started.

Nobody is quite sure what happened between R.K. And his business partners and friends of ten years, but by 1988 they were out of the print and Samson was the majority shareholder. Some speculation leads us to believe it was a power struggle about controlling the direction of the company. Some think it had to do with one of them taking bribes.

The year 1990 rolled around, and there were stories beginning to surface to the front about caped crusaders, vigilantes the like of which we had never seen before. They were often involved in these massive disasters. And the public never had any means to hold them accountable. That’s when the Cornet decided to uphold its responsibility to the public and get to the truth of these matters.

For the next decade, the paper transformed into so much more. They opened up their own television station in 1995. And they had their own fully functional website, complete with links to R.K. Samson’s personal blog by 1998. And by the turn of the millennium, the change was official, to Circadian Cornet Communications.

The year 2004 was huge for Samson and the company. For years he had been called the “One Man Inquisition.” But he finally had enough proof to “make a case against one of these jackals!”After a year long media circus, Commander Star was found guilty and was sentenced to death. R.K. Samson only had this to say, “It is a shame what happened to the Commander. I’ve felt like he was one of the exceptions to these masked lunatics. He fought for our country and he defended our freedom. But, sadly, it doesn’t give you diplomatic immunity.”

By 2006, R.K. Samson expanded C3 yet. He used his company to publish his own book, Crusader or Coward:Take Off the Mask. It was a smash hit, which stayed at the top of New York’s Best sellers for more than 113 weeks. And he quickly became the country’s leading expert on all matters superhero, vigilante, and criminal.

In 2009, R.K. Samson took the year to open up a special coverage division to handle the events occurring in Detroit and exposing the domestic terrorists that call themselves Minutemen. Emma Gardner was the lucky woman that got chosen to build the SCD.

In 2011, C3 was named the largest and highest grossing News/Media outlet in the country. It was a wonderful night, filled with some of the most famous people in the world. Until an attempt on Samson’s life halted the award ceremony. It was reported to be a duo, a man and a woman, and they fled the scene in a blacked out 2011 Dodge Challenger.

Over the next year, C3 would have a number of other issues to contend with: Samson’s continuous health issues complication by his assassination attempt, a number of stock market crashes and loss of investor’s faith. Everything turned around in 2012, when Samson finally returned back to work and announced another around the clock news station C3NN.

-Behind the Ink, A Documentary on Circadian Cornet Communications and it’s CEO R.K. Samson


Circadian Cornet Communications

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