Inhabitants of the Planet Axenokeanos. Axolted are small reptilian humanoids that have adapted to almost all environments on their planet. Their civilization spans most of the planet, with cities located in the ocean, on islands, and even in jungle trees. Axenokeanos is mostly covered in tropical waters, where the Axolted first came from, but it does have some landmasses. The tech available to Axolted is on par with most space-faring civilizations and they are capable of intergalactic travel.

An Axolt stands little more than a yard tall and has mostly reptilian features. They are naturally colorless, but their skin changes to fit their mood or their surroundings. Axolted are fully amphibious and are just as comfortable underwater as they are on land. They are also natural climbers and there are very few surfaces they cannot cling to. The creatures are also capable of gliding on spiny fins located underneath their arms. Axolted give off almost no heat, and are quite averse to the cold because of it. Perhaps their most unique feature is a “mane” of appendages located upon their neck that they can manipulate as precisely as hands.

The Axolted conquered their planet long before they developed sapience. Modern Axolted scientists believe that their ancestors were able to dominate the planet due to a mysterious plague that wiped out a large amount of the ocean’s predators. Some Biologists theorize that a common prey may have been responsible for wiping them out. Without any real competition the Axolted thrived. They spread out across the globe and settled in almost every imaginable location. The higher mountains and poles remain free of them though, because they do not like the cold.

The early Axolted culture was so in tune with the planet that it seemed almost non-existant. Xenobiologists were fascinated by the obvious intelligence that the creatures had, but they thought them no more than gifted animals. It wasn’t long before the planet Awa, home of the Koncuran Race, began to notice the Axolted. The Awan Extra-generation Company, An organization representing Scientists and Military Contractors, came to Axenokeanos hoping to utilize the Axolted somehow. The Axolted met the visitors with extreme curiosity, this was the first contact they had ever had with aliens.

The Scientist rounded up large amounts of Axolted and began researching them more directly. The AEC thought that the Axolts would be a massive asset for reconnaissance and intelligence gathering, or at the very least a dangerous attack animal. There were many attempts to train the creatures to follow orders, but they were surprisingly resistant. The invaders were constantly dealing with escapes and attacks. The Axolted learned their securty protocols a little too easily for the Scientists liking.

“Sigh, No sign of forced exit. This is the third breakout this week. I’ve changed the password every day! How do they keep getting out?”
- AEC Security

Their captors had underestimated just how intelligent the Axolted were. They communicated very subtly and quickly learned the alien’s language. Slowly, they tested the limits of their confinement. Escape would be easy, but the invaders would just continue to abduct the Axolted if left unchecked. They needed to rid their planet of the Koncuran presence.

“This one keeps staring at me… Stupid ugly lizards.”

“Now they’re all staring, why did they all turn around like that?”

“I think… they heard me.”
- Conversation between AEC Scientists

Exactly one year after the Koncurans arrived, the Axolted broke free. Rather than simply escape, the Axolted attacked their captors in full force. AEC Security was ordered to terminate the hostile Axolted. To their surprise the Axolted picked up the fallen officer’s weapons and turned them against the Koncurans. Utilizing all of the information they had collected in captivity, the Axolted completely wiped out the invaders. They were merciless and thorough; there were no survivors.

After the scuffle, the Axolted took possession of all of the remaining tech, and began to re-purpose it for their own use. Raiding the various databases left behind, they learned much about Science and Technology, as well as the cultures of the greater universe. They spread these secrets across the planet and thrust the Axolted into a Renaissance. The changed happened very quickly, and by the time the AEC returned, they found their own planetary defense systems pointed at them from the surface. Retaliation was now significantly more risky, and the Koncurans elected to leave the Axolted be. Awa wondered for several years what had really happened on Axenokeanos. They had only recieved one message from Axenokeanos during the attack, and it had been rather unclear.

“Hmm …Research is behind schedule… The Axolted hold many more secrets than we initially thought. We ARE having more luck than the military’s training program, but-”
Sound of door opening Unintelligible Shouting, Distant Gunfire
“What the!? How did… How is this poss-”
Loud Gunshot
Thud, Door Closing
Wet Cough
“Yes… The Axolted… hold many more secrets than we initially… thought.”
- Only Transmission sent during the Axolted’s escape.

Several years after the Axolted attack, Awa recieved a message from Axenokeanos. The Axolted sent a message of peace the the Knocurans, and asked that the two species might meet on friendlier terms. While pouring through the data banks, the Axolted discovered that the AEC meant them no real harm. As far as their data stated, the Axolted were just intelligent animals. And though there had been some cruelty during the occupation, it wasn’t so commonly practiced that it was considered the average. The Koncurans agreed, but both sides harbored mistrust toward the other.

With the future relationship of the two species hanging in the balance, it was incredibly important that the meeting go smoothly. The Axolted offered to host, but the Koncurans were uneasy.

“We’ve already had a “meeting” on their planet. Need I remind you how that played out."
- Wary Koncuran Delegate

The Axolted, hoping to calm their hopeful allys, accepted the offer. The meeting took place in a location secret to all but those attending. Awan Delegates feared that some of their people may seek retaliation for the murder of the organization.

The meeting covered many aspects of the invasion and the attack. The Koncuran officials mentioned that they may have approved the AEC’s request without proper information. The Axolted admitted to acting rashly when they escaped confinement.

“I’m surprised. You speak very fine Galactik. How did you learn it so quickly?”

“We listened.”
- Exchange between Koncuran and Axolted Ambassadors

The Koncurans brought up the things they left on Axenokeanos, and asked for their data and technology back. The Axolted had feared this might come up. They were happy to return their data, and had even brought it along. But the technology had already been either dismantled or intigrated into their own infrastructure. The AEC was not too pleased by this news as they had sent new and expensive tech with their team.

“It’s bad enough they came here on one of our own ships with no intention of returning it. But they didn’t even properly cover up the logo.”
- AEC Representative

As their time together came to a close, the Koncurans offered to introduce the Axolted to the Greater Universe. The Axolted gladly took them up on their offer.

The meeting concluded and the Axolted left Awa. Both races were relieved that they had put the incident behind them. Unfortunately not everyone was satisfied forever. Axolted and Koncuran still have trouble trusting each other, but most of them try to get past it.

The Axolted were now connected to the rest of the galaxy. They spread to other planets and formed relationships with the other races of the GU. The other races found the creatures to be surprisingly eloquent and familiar with their own cultures. It wasn’t long before the Axolted were fully integrated into the GU. As time when on, many people started to really notice the peculiarities of the Axolted. They were fast learners, and also quite capable of getting into secure locations. It wasn’t long before people started to hire Axolted for secretive missions.

As their use in espionage became more widespread, the Greater Universe started to mistrust the Axolted. Folks assumed that Axolted were up to something, and sometimes they were, but most of the time they weren’t. In order to quell the unrest throughout the Galaxy, the Axenokeanos government devised a plan. They attempted to privatize Axolted espionage. Several units were appointed and given government visas that allowed them to do intelligence work off planet. Any Axolt caught performing illicit deeds as ordained by these new units, without a visa would recieve no legal support from Axenokeanos.

After the Private Intelligence deal was passed, the galaxy slowly began to trust the Axolted again. It became significantly harder to hire individual Axolted, and thus their use in foreign espionage dropped significantly. Unfortunately, most of the damage had already been done, and the Axolted are still considered to be shady.


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