Reverend Lumina

Super Villain and Head of the Order of Transcending Light


Aleister Lumina early life is a mystery. What is known is that he graduated from college with a degree in Archaeology sometime in the eighties. After that he worked at various digging sites around the world. While working in Afghanistan, he and his digging team completely vanished while exploring the desert. He returned to America years later, claiming to have seen a vision of the Truth of the Universe.

Aleister Lumina started the Order of Transcending Light sometime in the early 90s, setting up a commune in otherwise uninhabitable lands in the Nevada desert. Despite having seemingly no money nor resources, the cult prospered. Aleister, calling himself Reverend Lumina, quickly turned his commune into a prosperous city, using advanced technology of mysterious origin. The Order quickly became one of the fastest growing religions in the United States.

In 1998, members of the Order began taking part in various crimes around the world, armed with high tech weaponry and attacking various laboratories. Reverend Lumina claimed that these were extremists, but the attacks and robberies continued. When S_P_E_A_R finally sent a team to investigate the City of Light (the name of Lumina’s commune), bolts of light tore down from the sky and vaporized them. At that time, Luminaries around the world began performing hostile takeovers of major cities. Reverend Lumina revealed the true nature of his cult: to make him the sole ruler of the planet Earth.

Teams of superheroes around the world all helped in stopping the crazed cult, while Commander Star himself got into the City of Light to stop Lumina himself. After defeating him, sabotaging the “Heaven’s Wrath” cannon and performing a daring escape, Reverend Lumina and the City seemingly blew up in a blast of light.

Things seemed normal for a while. The Order of Transcending Light still existed, but not in any dangerous sense. Then in the early 2000s, S.P.E.A.R. satellites picked up massive energy readings somewhere in the Alps. Priests of the Order began speaking of pilgrimages to the ‘holy city’, and many of the devoted followers began giving up their lives and heading towards the mountains. Reverend Lumina had apparently survived and had teleported his entire commune to the remote mountains. The cult has interpreted it as one of Lumina’s many miracles, and it has had a new rush of growth.

Lumina has had many other attempts to conquer the world since then. However, due to the isolated location of the City of LIght, the high-tech weaponry surrounding the city and his own cleverness, he has yet to be caught by S.P.E.A.R. or any other superheroes.

Reverend Lumina

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