Night Tide

The Untouchable Phenomenon! The one who brings waves of blood crashing down!


Drake Scotts, born in 1983, became a famous wrestler via W.E.T. (Wrestling Entertainment Television) He was introduced as a mysterious figure known as the Night Tide. “What does it mean? Nobody knows. Not even me or my agent. I just get paid to be him.”- Drake Scotts. He had traded matches, scuffles and “attempts of murder” on screen with some of the biggest men in the business. “They say wrestling is fake, but you still have to find a way to cut yourself, or get hit with a fake aluminum chair by a guy that can bench press you. Some things you can’t fake.” His trademark move was the Crimson Undertow. It started with sweeping out the opponents feet while on the top ropes, moved into a blur of flips, and slamming them into the ring below and tumbling up into a pin. He held the World Heavyweight Belt and the Tag Team belt for nearly 6 years if you add up the time they were in his possession. Considering he had only wrestled for approximately a decade, it was fairly impressive.

In 2011, there was a scandal which didn’t come from the scripted highlights of the Wednesday night W.E.T. Beatdown. Night Tide made a fatal error, not for him but for another wrestler. Simon "The Doctor’ Heks was killed in a stunt gone wrong. With growing animosity between the two wrestlers, an investigation ensued and it wasn’t long before the investigation revealed the impossibility that a fall from the top of the cage could have killed him. The video footage showed him absorbing the impact on his lower body, but the autopsy revealed severe trauma to his upper extremities. forcing him to undergo DNA testing, Night Tide A.K.A. Drake Scotts was outed as a meta-human and charged with first degree murder.

Drake had known since his teenage years that he had the ability to control the forces around him. In high school physics class he was finally able to find a way to describe it. Newtons third Law. And he was the exception to it, he could break it, or even completely nullify it. And it’s what made him such a good wrestler. It allowed him pull off such amazing stunts.

So now it’s been four years that he has been on the run from the authorities. Back in 2011 and C3 and R.K. Samson had called for his arrest and tried to pin a number of other unsolved murders on him. Their “investigative teams” demanded he turn himself in to be tested against all the inconclusive DNA samples they had. It was ridiculous. “That’s five kinds of illegal. I know my rights.” Eventually the police came to arrest him on some trumped up charges and he fled. He has been wandering ever since. The few that claim to have seen him, say he still wears his Night Tide suit, and he has even helped them on occasion.

Night Tide

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