A man of many talents, Magic and Saving people being two.



Abilities 64

Str 2
Sta 6
Agl 2
Dex 2
Fgt 7
Int 3
Awe 7
Pre 5

Defenses 28

Dodge 12
Parry 12
Fort 4
Toughness 6=16 (15 When Teleporting)
Will= 20

Skills 57 114
Acrobatics + 4
Athletics 4
Close Combat Sword +17
Close Combat Unarmed +17
Deception + 4
Expertise Law Enforcement +10
Expertise Magic +5
Insight + 4
Intimidation + 1
Perception + 5
Ranged Combat Guns + 17
Ranged Combat Magic + 17
Stealth + 4

Advantages 18
Accurate Attack
All Out Attack
Defensive Attack
Improved Crit Sword
Improved Init
Luck 3
Quick Draw
Uncanny Dodge

Powers 63

Powers (Sword) 19 PP
Easily Removable, Indestructible, Immunity Magic, Immunity Age, Immunity Excalibur, Dimensional Movement 3, Strike 9 (Affects Will, Dimensional.) DC26

Sword Reborn -Indestructable 1 pt
Comprehend Spirits 2 pts
Element Control 2 (Stone) 4 pts
Transform 1 (Stone to Water) 2 pts
Dimensional Movement 2 (Mystic) 2 pts
Space Travel 2 2 pts
Time Travel 1 (1200 Camelot) 1 pt
Waterwalking 1 pt
Immunity (Merlin Swords) 1 pt
Strike 10 10 pts

Magic 13 (38)
Fire Blast 11
Lightning Blast 11
Communication Cosmic Telepath, Dimensional
Element Control Fire 12,Damaging, Affects Insubstantial 2, Alternate Resist Will
Element Control Water 26
Force Field 10, Reaction, (Dynamic)
Force Field 8, Increased Range, Affects Others, Reaction
Healing 13
Insubstantial 4, Precise, Reaction.
Shrinking 13
Teleport 11 (Change Velocity +1, Change Direction +1)Accurate(Dynamic)
Deflect 26 – Reflecting, Distracting

Acute Analytical Magic Sense 3, Dimensional 3

Drasnac Tatoo 1
(Limited to Drasnac, 2 standard actions)

13 Pts.


Cal Carver

It was a cold, snowy day in Las Vegas, Nevada. The day before Christmas and not a creature was stirring, because they were all frozen. A freakish breeze took over the strip a day prior to the events that would shape the future of Officer Cal Carver.

At age 23, Carver was hardly ready for the Anti-Mask squad, but dire times had him called up early, not to mention the untimely death of his predecessor at the hands of Blizzaro, the mad man behind this mess. Intel pointed to the epicenter of this deep freeze being a casino called The Magic Vault, and his team was gearing up to head in there after him and put an end to this mess before irreversible damage is done.

Carver looked around at the other seven members of this squad, some of them he was meeting for the first time today. He was just a beat cop who wanted to make detective, not very original but hey, he was a simple man. They geared up and got on the bus headed towards the casino together, this is what the group had been training for, it was time to see if it was all worth it.

The charge was set on the western wall of the building, the team gathered on either side and it went off with a surprisingly quick bang, and chucks of ice flew around. As soon as they entered Carver knew it had been a mistake. Everything was frozen solid, including the ground, and the huge, bi-pedal icy beast heading straight at them. It was tall, with horns, maybe a ice centaur, Carver mused. The CO signaled for his group to flank right when they entered and they did, unloading their clips as they circled the creature. It wasn’t doing much good, one swing from the thing took out four good officers. They thought they were prepared, they had good intel, they had the weapons, but nobody could have prepared for this. The Sergent had the flamethrower, and like everything else in this city it was frozen solid within moments. The Sergent went next, and there stood the creature, right in between Carvers group and the only way out.

Five minutes later Carver found himself deeper into the casino, alone. He got separated from the three remaining members of his squad as they ran from the creature. The muscle meant the man in charge had to be here, so their intel was correct. Carver, catching his breath behind a roulette table, looked around for a way out, which he did not find. He did; however, find an elevator that wasn’t frozen. He went inside and took the elevator down, getting colder as he descended. He checked the clip on his SMG, and wished he hadn’t wasted all the ammo on an unkillable ice centaur thing. The military sure as hell didn’t train him for this, he tried calling in his position but at this point in the story we all know why his radio doesn’t work.

The Elevator doors opened into a long icy hallway and Carver slowly moved forward. At the end of the hallway there was a large vault door, already opened, but he could not see anybody inside from where he stood, but it looked pretty big inside, impossibly big. He walked through the vault door slowly, peering around each side for a possible ambush, but it seemed there was nobody inside. Tall marble columns reached hundreds of feet to the ceiling, and what looked like temples were on the left and right, each with passages heading off in a dozen directions. “How in the frozen hell am I supposed to find this guy?” Carver said to himself, wishing the rest of the squad had made it down here, and wishing he had finished the Tomb Raider video games.


He followed the main path for as long as he could, keeping an eye out for any signs of where the madman might have headed. He got all the way to the end, where there was a pool of water, surrounded by the ice but uneffected by it. There were no other ways forward. He turned around, getting ready for a long search when he heard movement coming from the water, but when he looked there was nothing there. He walked closer slowly and peered into the water, he saw nothing beneath the surface, but as he looked closer, his reflection changed from him, to someone else. Someone who had a yellow domino mask and a dark sword on his back, everytime Carver moved the reflection did as he did. Distracted by the pool, Carver failed to notice an ice creature had also found the pool, next there was a sharp pain in his back, like he had never felt before, he flew into the pool with a big splash. As he sank into darkness, not able to summon the strength to move, he thought about the death he always pictured, 180 years old in the playboy mansion, then thought about all the regrets he had. In the impossibly long moment that was undoubtedly leading up to his death he had thought about the foster families, the schools he attended, his time in the army, and he realized that this moment really was impossibly long.

He had finally hit the bottom. He looked up, barely able to see the light from the surface of the pool, it was so far away. He looked around and could see nothing but darkness, he started to wonder how long it would take for him to pass out, but he never did. Carver couldn’t understand what was happening, was this the afterlife, a constant view from your dead body? Was he in limbo? Was this purgatory? A soft blue glow caught his eye, somewhere in the distance, something else on the bottom of this pool. He couldn’t move his legs, and his whole body ached, but as long as he was here, and somehow not dead, curiosity would always better of him, he rolled on to his stomach and used his arms to drag himself along the rocky bottom of the pool. It was taking a while to make any progress, and his mind wandered for the first time about the possibility of him making it out of here, what if he could never move his legs, he wondered. It was always one of his worst fears, cast to the side and useless, people passing him by telling him he can be as good as them, lying, and pitying. He tried his hardest to move his legs, willing them, he wanted to walk the rest of the way, he managed to twitch his foot, but he couldn’t do more than that, but for now, that was good enough. He continued dragging himself along the bottom, the blue glow would go away, and appear again, but it was getting brighter and brighter, he was getting close.

He finally got close enough to see the source of the glow, and it was a necklace, an ornate silver necklace with a blue gem in it, giving off the soft light. He reached out and grabbed the piece of jewelry in his hand, and he heard a soft feminine voice, almost inside his own mind.
“What do you seek wizard?” it asked. Wonderful Carver thought, now hes hearing voices. At least it’s a woman. Carver opened his mouth to talk but only bubbles appeared. Bubbles and pain. “How am I alive?” he thought.
“Your magic, it’s allowing you to survive.” The voice answered softly. “Is anybody from my squad alive?” He asked next.
“You wonder about them, even now…here?” She responded. He thought of Vegas, all the people that would die in this cold, not to mention the effects it would have on the surrounding areas if it became a winter wonderland.
“I see, you need the power to defeat Blizzaro. In your current state that would be impossible.” He laughed, as only one could laugh while underwater surviving by “magic” while a necklace told him whats not possible. The glow of the jewel got brighter, brighter than it had ever before, the light engulfing Carver. When he could see again he was standing in an empty square room, it was big, but empty, not even a door. Carver was okay with that. He was on his feet and breathing, no longer in pain.
“What just happened?” Carver said, pleased with his ability to actually speak again, and hoping he was about to wake up in his bed. “Where are we?”
“Your wounds have been healed, and we are in the vault, where you will find the power to defeat Blizzaro.” The voice, still inside his head, responded.
Carver looked around once again. “Yeah, he hates tiny rooms, right?” He scoffed sarcastically.
“You don’t know your power, this room has items that can help you realize your powers.” She said softly, ignoring Carvers sarcasm. “Close your eyes and reach out with your senses. Your eyes can’t be trusted in this room, or in this vault for that matter.”
Carver was too far in to ignore the advice of the girl in the necklace now, why even question it?
He Reached out his hand and closed his eyes, feeling with his…. feelings, feeling…. stupid.
“There’s nothing here, I don’t feel anything.” Carver thought, just in case there were also invisible magic cameras making him look stupid.
“You have to open your mind, think less, feel more. Unlearn what you have learned.” The voice urged. “If Blizzaro gains the power some of the items here you will have more than just your ‘Vegas’ to worry about.” Carver decided not to voice the jokes about Yoda that went through his mind, then remembered she probably already knew. He tried to calm his mind and reached out again, this time feeling cold. This room had no ice, so what was the cold? Blizzaro?
He could also feel the room around him, and other things he couldn’t explain, presences around the room, overwhelming and unexplainable. “Good, now reach further into the vault, past the walls, find the item that calls to you, that’s tied to your fate.” Her voice just a whisper this time. He could feel her presence as well, was she the cold?
He could feel one presence over them all, it felt excited, or at least its energy did. He stretched his new senses towards it, and as he did he could feel it’s energy reaching out as well. Next thing Carver knew he had a sword in his hands, sending a wave of power through him, extending his own senses even further, it felt like his insides were burning. Then it felt like his outsides were burning. He opened his eyes and saw his hands covered in flames. He screamed in pain, pain he hadn’t felt since.. an unknown amount of time ago when he got hit in the back. This wasn’t a good day.

When his eyes opened again the room had a door, and pots full of gold, and jewelry. Trinkets of all sorts, and he could feel them all. “You have unlocked some of your raw potential. The rest you have to learn yourself, but now you must deal with Blizzaro before he is aware of your powers. The sword will come when you call it.” She said matter of factly.
Carver walked out of the room in and into an icy hallway that went both ways, but now he knew which way to go. He could feel Blizzaro, and one of his minions headed this way. “What do I call you, necklace lady?” Carver asked, while walking down the hall. “You may call me Viv, or necklace lady if you please, it doesn’t matter to me.” She said, her voice uncaring. Carver didn’t have the time to dissect the psychology of a necklace, or being a necklace, or talking to a necklace, or any of this. One thing at a time. He put her around his neck, sensing he would need both of his hands for other things.

The Minion stood at the end of the hall, staring at Carver as if to challenge him, a challenge it knew it would win. Carver called the blade and it came, ready for a fight. “That is a demon, a demon of ice from a world separate from this one, it’s fate is to die here.” Who was Carver to argue with necklace lady? The demon charged and Carver did to, sword at the ready, and just as quickly as it started it ended, the sword went through the demon, but it didn’t fall to pieces, there was no wound. It just fell. Dead. Carver dropped the sword and it disappeared before it hit the ground and he continued towards the powerful presence of Blizzaro, ready to end this.

The madman was waiting for him at the end of the next hallway, he was tall and thin, and not particularly intimidating. He had a staff, gray hair, and blue eyes. Also an impressive beard. “You, where did you find that, where are the secrets of this vault, mortal?” He asked coldly, his voice unwavering.
Carver just walked towards him. The madman smiled and pointed his staff at Carver, sending a wave of cold. Carver could feel the sword in his hand even though it wasn’t physically there, at least not to his eyes, its influence blocking the cold from affecting him. The wizard was surprised, but it just made him intensify the spell, though it did him no good. Carver struck out calling the sword mid-swing, the blade colliding with Blizzaros chest. The mage laughed, spitting up blood. “You hurt me?” he coughed. “You actually hurt me?” He started laughing louder then smirked. “You are young, strike me down and I’ll be back, but a kid with powers like you should join me, we could rule many worlds. I may even let you do with this one as you wish.” The wizard coughed, blood running down his beard and soaking his blue cloak. “You have just begun to learn some minor abilities. I can teach you so much more.”
Carver lifted his sword and brought it down on the man, striking him down, the wizards eyes never leaving Carvers. Carver took no pleasure in killing him, but it wasn’t the first time hes had to kill someone, and it probably wouldn’t be the last. The wizards body slowly dissappeared. “He was surprised, that is good. He is a very powerful mage, maybe the most powerful currently.” Viv said, with a sad tone. “Don’t you mean was?” Carver asked.
“Perhaps, but something tells me we haven’t seen the last of him.” She sighed. “The demons will still be a problem if they aren’t taken care of, without the orders of Blizzaro they will go on a rampage.” Carver called the sword back to his hand, and went to work.

A few minutes and a lot of slashing and fire shooting later, the demons fell and Carver stood, confident he got all of them. He had passed the deceased members of his squad some time ago, taking one thing at a time. The Ice was starting to melt, everything was returning to normal. Except Carver. He left the Casino and met with the police forces and emergency crews outside, they all had questions. Carver covered the necklace with his vest, and decided to tell them he had been knocked out, claiming he didn’t know what had happened. He was cleared by an on scene doc, and he went home.
Everything was different, everything felt different. He knew his world would never be the same.
“You should learn to control your powers, find another wizard to teach you, I only know so much. You to calm yourself and think about what you want to do next.” She said in her best attempt at a soothing voice, Carver assumed. “Where would I find a wizard, and how did I get this power exactly?”
“I don’t know where any wizards are.” She sighed" You had the power within you this whole time, the sword only unlocked what was already there, but now you need to master it, you have a responsibility now." He walked through his studio apartment to his recliner, sat down and turned on the TV, keeping an eye out for wizards.


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