Midnight Rider

Get-away for the Minutemen


Dante Jackson was a teenage thug that grew up in Detroit. He would carry guns, deal drugs, or anything the Saints wanted him to do. When he was seventeen, his best friend was shot up by a rival gang and it scared Dante straight. He soon enlisted in the Air Force. He was an excellent driver and had evaded the police a number of times without formal training. He could only imagine what he could do in a jet or a helicopter in a couple years.

And sure enough, in a few years he was flying over the mountain ranges in Middle Eastern countries either scouting or tactically striking the enemy.

I’m 2005, he witnessed the execution of Commander Star. And he began to lose faith in what he was doing. How were his actions any different than Commander Stars? All he did was drop bombs. Sure, these were Congress approved the bombs but the effect was the same.

By the end of 2008, he was back home in Detroit with the dishonorable discharge. He was living in his aunts basement. He doesn’t talk about what happened very often. It was about that time he started getting letters in the mail. They were marked return to sender, but he never sent out mail..

Midnight Rider

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