The Betrayer of Idenne


The former queen of Idenne, one of the first planets The Chorus claimed protection over. A idyllic earthlike planet known as the Jewel of the Cosmos, Lel’ith desired more power and attempted to overthrow her husband, the King Aedom. However, she was caught by the Chorus and banished from Idenne by the Father himself. In the cold void of space, she was found by a dark force, who promised her the chance to bring her homeworld to it’s knees in exchange for servitude to the dark force. Blinded by vengeance, Lel’ith accepted and transformed into a wicked serpent-like creature.

She returned to Idenne in the disguise of a seer and taken into the court by Aedom’s new queen. Lel’ith whispered venomous words to the Queen, claiming that the Father’s protection was stifling the growth of their prospering kingdom. Lel’ith lead the Queen to the Chorus’s forbidden databanks on the planet, showing her the actual span of the universe and the possible worlds they could prosper to. The Queen told King Aedom, who angrily confronted the Chorus. The archangel Uriel, furious at their charge’s betrayal, took a flaming sword to the capital city of Idenne, and proceeded to scatter the kingdom to the stars to serve a millenia-long penance before returning to the Father’s grace.

Lel’ith escaped Idenne before it’s denizens were scattered and seeks to spread poisonous lies about the Chorus throughout the universe.


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