King Vitor Ambaras

Magic Monarch


King Vitor Drasnac Ambaras is the latest in a line of Monarchs of the small Eastern European nation of Drasnac. A shadowy and intelligent man, he rules over his country with careful diligence. Known for being friendly to guests, he has created strong relations with the neighboring nations. Rumors surround his odd behavior, and many speculate that there is more to his rule than just blood. Vitor does not deny these rumors because he believes it fills his associates with a bit of fear.

Though he’s more than happy to perpetuate the rumor, it holds more truth than his neighbors would probably like. Vitor and his family are practitioners of the Arcane. More specifically, they would be classified as Witches or Warlocks. His family’s blood marks more than just the royal family, it is the key to their magic. With special sigils drawn out in their own blood, not the blood of others, they can command the arcane. It is an art that has caused much suffering for his bloodline. They have survived three massive inquisitions against the Witches and Warlocks of Europe. The most recent one killing all of them in Drasnac save for him.

The first occurred in the Medieval era, when Drasnac was ruled by a curropt king named Nedzik. Nedzik was a terrible king, and Drasnac suffered under his rule. He and his Nobles held all the wealth and resources, and gave the peasantry almost nothing. Nedzik blamed the people’s poor fortune on the Witches that lived among them. Using Vitor’s ancestors as a scapegoat, he continued to abuse his power without drawing the peasant’s anger. Due to an unfortunate mistake, the peasant’s discovered one of the Warlocks and tried to capture him. He used his magic to defend himself, but in his panic he was a bit too forceful.

He fled from his village toward the woods where the War-Folk would congregate in secret. Hoping to lose them here in the woods, he instead led the angry villagers right to his people. The villagers attacked the Witches and Warlocks, and their numbers eventually won out. This sparked an attack on all the War-Folk that ended up wiping out all but six of them. These six knew that King Nedzik was truly responsible for Drasnac’s suffering. They wouldn’t allow him to rule at their expense any longer.

“Shed no blood but our own.”
-Bohetor Ambaras, Leader of the Bloodied Six, First King of his name.

King Vitor Ambaras

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