Ally of Lord Kelvin


One of two known Zodians to left in existence. Daughter of one of the leading Zodian scientists. She was sent off Zodia when the thaw never came after Ghelgath was defeated. She was cryogenically frozen in a prototype space pod for almost 1000 years. Landed on Earth 5 years before Kelvin. Her pod crashed in Russia. Upon crash, thawing process activated. She spent 6 years in Russia. Getting used to the alien technology of Earth. Heard of Lord Kelvin’s powers and tracked him down to Westhaven City. She recognized him as Prince Roviek of her home planet Zodia. And the powers he uses are the same as the demon Ghelgath. He must be stopped to save Earth!

After realizing Lord Kelvin was using the demon’s powers to help people and protect Earth, she decided to ally herself with her prince. She needed to keep an eye on him just in case. She knows Kelvin’s only surefire weakness.



Metahumans or Menace?! Inertius Mikau915