Demolitions Expert of the Minutemen


Born in 1960, George Thompson should have come out of the womb in uniform. He was a military man in his dreams long before he was big enough to hold a toy gun. Wholeheartedly patriotic, he joined the Army on his 18th birthday and never looked back. He was a “lifer.”

He quickly mastered a ton of different jobs. But what he really had a knack for was explosives. It didn’t matter whether it was preparation or diffusion. He was a natural risk taker and an expert at the technical skills required. The only blotch on his record was in 1987, in Ukraine.

In the first year after the Chernobyl accident, a lot of secret Soviet projects were coming out of the shadows as threats to the whole world. So despite the Cold War, on occasion the Soviets overlooked American troops in certain areas. This wasnt one of them.

His team, Mortar Alpha, was choppered in and parachuted down into the blown out nuclear facility. There was word of some biological weapon that was affecting soviet scientists. Him and his men were not allowed to let it escape the facility, while sneaking down into the lowest level and planting an explosive to make sure there was nothing left.

“And I know that the military isn’t entirely open about certain operations details. But these are fucking zombies. They couldn’t tell us about fucking zombies?!” -George Thompson, 1987

Although George did manage not to get eaten by zombies, the mission wasn’t entirely successful. The Soviets also brought their own people in to deal with the issue. A lot more of them. And so he was held for twenty years as a prisoner of war. There was nothing he, the government or SPEAR could do about it.

In 2007, he was released and returned home to find the America he knew as a boy dead. There was martial law in Detroit, Los Angeles was in shambles, and Commander Star had been executed. It wasn’t long before he received a letter in the mail from his great aunt Sally, who died back in the eighties. It was coded. Once he broke the code, he found out it was from a man in Detroit leading a group called the Minutemen. He bought a bus ticket and started on his way…


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