Eagle Eye

The Leader of the Minutemen, formerly known as the second incarnation of the sidekick Stripes.


Daniel Broker was an orphan after his mother lost the fight against cancer. He always wanted to be like one of the meta humans! Out there, saving the world! And when he was in that orphanage he never dreamed that by the mid 1990s he would be a sidekick to one. Especially not his favorite! His hero! COMMANDER STAR!

He served Commander Star loyally for years until family obligations took him away. He had a sister which could no longer be cared for. It was either him or an orphanage. And he couldn’t do that to her.

Then in 2005, Commander Star was out on trial and executed for war crimes. Stricken by grief, That’s when Daniel started the protests. “The commander was a hero!” He lashed out by attacking police officers, and government officials in Detroit. The city quickly followed him. He started to think of it as his own little revolution.

Over the next couple years, things got worse. Martial law was enforced. Metahumans weren’t allowed in. Spear wasn’t allowed in. Things were getting far worse before they got better. Then one day Daniel’s sister was shot. A police officer accidentally shot her during a struggle with someone for his weapon.

That’s when Daniel formed the Minutemen. He got 5 of the best people he could find and formed a squad hellbent on tearing down this “regime.” Detroit would sooner be destroyed before He let this corruption stand any longer.

Eagle Eye

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