Count Manfred Von Orlock (Deceased)

Elite Member of the Thule Society and Leader of Das Abgrund


A mysterious man even for a Nazi occultist, Manfred appeared in Nazi Germany in 1936, claiming to be a minor Dransacian noble. He quickly became part of the Thule Society, which until then had been little more than an social club for high ranking Nazis with a fascination with the supernatural. With Count Orlock’s mysterious knowledge, the Thule Society was able to find numerous mystical artifacts and tomes, making the Thule Society one of the most powerful Nazi forces within a short two years. This great success allowed Manfred to achieve the ranks of an SS officer and becoming one of the Furher’s closest advisers in the war.

Manfred’s occult experiments (coupled with the super science of other Nazi doctors) led to many an attempt to create better soldiers for Hitler’s armies. Manfred Von Orlock saw over Project: Wolfsrudel, Tottentruppe, Hexenkader and countless others. However, his most successful project was Das Abgrund: a team of the Nazi’s most powerful superhumans and constant enemies of Commander Star during World War 2.

In the weeks leading up to the fall of Berlin in 1945, most of Das Abgrund was either captured or killed. As the Allies approached the German capital city, the Nazis unleashed their ace in the hole: Operation: Gotterhammern. This ultimately culminated in the Commander fighting Count Orlock aboard his enormous war-zeppelin. As Star escaped the crashing blimp, Manfred Von Orlock ran the opposite direction. His body was never recovered from the remains of the war-zeppelin.


Count Manfred Von Orlock (Deceased)

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