Dave Rogers former love interest turned Supervillain



Once a cute loveable waitress, with a perfect boyfriend Dave, Christina Chambers had the petfect life. A naturally talented performer in high school, and an artist and musician in her post education. She waited tables hoping to make it big.


After a couple of years, it became obvious her band would not take off. And eventually, that tore them apart. And still, she continued her job as a waitress, until she proved herself worthy of more. She climbed to the position of store manager.


One night, she was closing up the stpre when she was attacked by a character kniwn as Grave Keeper. She was kidnapped and forced to do terrible things under the conditions of mind control, among them, murder of a US senator. She was ussd as bait, to draw Cortex to her rescue. And through misinformation, he nearly killed her. She was left in a coma for months until a group known as the The Debuggers woke her up and allowed her to escape unnoticed. This was when she began to remember everything. She knew the truth. And she couldn’t just let the lies continue.


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