Captain Epsilon

Time Displaced Starship Pilot


Ace pilot from a distant galaxy who apparently traveled in time to arrive on modern day Earth. Her home planet of Releigh has been at war with the nearby planet Trespen ever since their worlds developed space travel. After Epsilon crash landed on Trespen’s surface during one of their many skirmishes, she discovered a plot between Trespen and a being called Luzifer that would destroy Releigh. Her only option was to steal an experimental ship and race back to Releigh to warn them. During her flight, Luzifer attacked the ship. Activating the ships powerful untested engines, she accidentally tore open a wormhole to Earth.

Believing to be in the past, she opts to keep the ship’s technology out of the hands of humanity, and refuses to interfere in most events, even when her involvement could be very beneficial. Joined by a WW1 Gunner who believes he skipped forward in time since the War, her mission for most of her time on Earth has been fighting her ship’s ousted AI Core that has become a threat to the planet. During some time off planet she encountered a member of the Chorus who, when she mentioned Releigh, told her that Releigh had been destroyed thousands of years ago. Knowing now she had traveled forward in time, rather than backward, she has taken on a more involved role in Earth’s protection.

Captain Epsilon

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