Boss Smaug

Metahuman Crime Boss


Bartholomew Hammet was born in the poorer parts of London. A metahuman born with a strange reptillian appearance, Bart had a rough childhood with an abusive father and being made fun of. However, he was also grew a lot faster than most kids. While he didn’t do fantastic in school, he became great at smash-and-grabs and fist fights. Becoming a leader of the Union Jackers as a teenager, Bart continued to rise in the London underworld, eventually becoming one of the most feared crime bosses in London. His ability to breathe fire and his reptilian appearance earned him the nickname Boss Smaug.

After numerous run-ins with the super team Avalon and earning a fortune in ill gotten money, Boss Smaug expanded his operations to America. He now runs a majority of crime in New York (or wherever the GM wants to put him). On top of being incredibly strong and having the ability to breathe fire, Boss Smaug is also very good at covering his tracks and can afford the best lawyers he can find. He has yet to be convicted for the major crimes he has been a part of.

Boss Smaug

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