Dimensional Conqueror


A Winter Wonder Wizard


Blizzaro isn’t from our Earth, hes from a different one, one without a name. Much of his past is shrouded in mystery, or forgotten, but it is known that a great calamity struck his world causing a deep freeze, one that destroyed all of known civilization. He learned to adapt, and eventually control the Ice Demons that walked his plane, enthralling them to make great wonders in his honor. It wasn’t long before he ruled them all.


He grew lonely in his solitude. Lonely, and insane. He started looking for other ways to entertain himself, such as invading other planes of existence with his demon minions, enslaving their planet, and then freezing it when he was bored of them. Sometimes he was defeated by that planes heroes, and sometimes he wasn’t, but he always came back stronger than before. He craved human companionship but he could no longer relate to any human alive, even those he stole, and trained to do his bidding. It is unknown how many planes are under his control, or how many more will be, but the only thing for certain is that he must be stopped.


Metahumans or Menace?! Inertius Gunner2290