Billy Forge

CEO of Forge Industries, media personality and Founder of the W.E.T.


“Well go get me another one, dumbass! It’s what I pay you for!”

-Billy Forge, to his PA moments after smashing a flatscreen TV over his accountant’s head.

William Lincoln Forge III is the latest inheritor of Forge business empire. His grandfather, William Lincoln Forge esq., started the empire thanks to extremely well planned steel factory purchases and an EXTREME amount of luck involving the stock market around the Great Depression. Now Billy Forge’s empire includes hotels, airlines, casinos and countless other businesses.

In the early 2000s, Forge purchased the W.E.T. and became it’s main promoter. This lead to a large revival of the sport of superhero fights and the W.E.T. is still extremely popular to this day. Many of his critics would say that his only real success is the promotion of the wrestling league, as any hands on managing of any of his companies tends to lead to disaster. Despite this, Forge still considers himself one of the best businessmen in America (Despite the fact that most of his wealth came from inheritance)

Billy Forge, with his incredible wealth, has also funded numerous scientific endeavors towards superhuman tech, mainly to create new attractions for the W.E.T. Obviously, most of his abuse of science ends in disaster and often has to be cleaned up by superheroes. Hephaestus considers him an especially annoying thorn in his side.

Billy Forge

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