Destructor of Teflys, Lieutenant of Luzifer


The being known as Baelsebub is among the most feared criminals in the universe and among The Chorus’s most wanted. A Fallen who at some point possessed a citizen of the planet Teflys, a breadbasket planet under the protection of the Chorus. What followed was the Plague of Teflys, in which the once green and vibrant planet was turned into a barren wasteland in a mere eight days. On the ninth day, the sun was blotted out as a mysterious being arrived on Teflys. This mysterious being offered Baelsebub even more power and a chance to wipe out more worlds, to which he eagerly agreed.

When the sun returned on the tenth day and the Chorus finally reached Teflys, they found nothing but a desert wasteland, populated only by half-mutated beasts of plague, the former citizens of Teflys. The Father saw no other choice and sent the Dirge to purge the former green world.


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