B.G.H. "Big Game Hunter"

Prehistoric Hunter


Rhys Davison was born to a rich family in England. He had access to the finest schools, but academics bored him. He preferred natural exploration, and often skipped class to wander the woods near his families estate. His father enjoyed hunting, and taught him how to track and hunt animals. He gained a great respect for nature, and eventually began tracking and trapping animals with traps he built himself. He loved pitting his wit and skill against nature, and soon started disappearing for days at a time, living only off of the land. Eventually someone would come looking for him, but he had developed quite the skill for hiding himself.

On one of his early sequesters, he found himself hunting a wild fox. It was likely a young one, but it took all of his skill to keep track of it Rhys started to suspect that it was toying with him after a number of encounters in which it would let him give chase. He would have believed it was all in his head, but after a particularly intense chase through the woods, the fox got the drop on him. It knocked him down and pinned him, despite its small size. The fox could have killed him, but instead it walked away and disappeared into the woods. He never was able to pick up its trail again after that. But vowed that if he ever saw it again, he wouldn’t let it get the best of him.

Eventually his father invited him on a hunt. Excited to finally join his father on one of these fabled events, he didn’t hesitate to accept. Rhys was given the proper clothing and handed a gun. He had never held a firearm before, and he didn’t particularly like it. He was given a suitable horse to ride, and he and his father met with the rest of the hunting party. His father told many tales about these hunts, but as it got closer to the start, he felt more and more uncomfortable.

Soon they brought out the quarry for the day’s hunt, and to Rhys’ horror, it was the fox he had chased on that most thrilling of chases. Now sick to his stomach, he thought about backing out. He couldn’t possibly torment that creature until it’s violent death. Something snapped within him though, and the moment the fox was released he sent his horse into a gallop after it. He could hear his father’s friends comment on his poor hunting etiquette, but didn’t care. He would show them how a real hunter did it.

He picked up the trail of the fox easily enough. It must have either been in too much of a panic to properly cover its tracks, …or it wanted him to find it. He dismounted his horse and sent it off in the opposite direction. He also emptied his gun, and dropped it next to a tree. After abandoning all of his hunter garb, he found the fox. It had scaled a tree, and was watching him carefully. Surprised it wasn’t fleeing from him, Rhys approached it as non-threateningly as possible. They met each other’s gaze and somehow understood one another.

For the entirety of the day, Rhys and the fox avoided the hunting party. They managed to confuse the dogs and split the hunters into smaller groups. Eventually the sun began to set, and the hunters, dogs, and horses were all tired. Hoping this would be the end, Rhys prepared to depart from the fox, but a troubling thought hit him. The fox would be free tonight, but what if they came after it again. He quickly hatched a plan that would save its life. He hoped that the fox trusted him enough to let this work.

The hunting party had returned to their lodge. They were all severely disappointed and even threatened to throw Mr. Davison out. But then the dogs began barking at the trail behind them. Walking down it was the fox, alone, and seemingly unafraid. They picked up their guns and got ready to release the dogs again, but Rhys dove from the trees and tackled the fox. They wrestled a moment, but then he stood up holding the fox by the scruff of its neck. The fox seemed confused and fought to get free. The hunters seemed equally confused, but now happy that the hunt may have ended well for them after all.

Rhys claimed that because he caught it alone, he got to decide its ultimate fate. The hunters determined that this was a fair idea, and began offering him suggestions. He placed the fox on the ground, but it didn’t run. He told them that the fox had earned its right to live, and could do as it pleased now. Men of their word, the hunters allowed him this, but they weren’t too good to not grumble about it. When the group departed, the fox followed Rhys home. The two of them were inseparable after that.

When Rhys was old enough to leave home, he traveled to Africa. His passion for hunting drove everything he did. Not content to hunt like everyone else, he did so with only a Bow, Crossbow, and a Bowie Knife. His weapon selection granted him the name “Bowman” amongst the Africans. He also preferred to hunt alone, with his only companion being the fox, whom he now called “Fall.” Together they went after the biggest and most dangerous animals that Africa had to offer. Rhys was always respectful towards his quarry, and if they showed a particular knack for survival, he would let them go. He disliked modern hunting methods, and would often refuse to work with his peers if they insisted on using more than what he approved of.

After Africa’s hunts no longer satisfied him he traveled to the other nations of the world. He sought out the greatest hunts that the world had to offer. Time after time he brought down some of the most dangerous animals in the world. People began calling him THE Big Game Hunter, because few could live up to his track record. His fame managed to get him a large estate in Africa which he filled to the brim with trophies. Things were going so well for him, but one thing troubled him. He was running out of hunts.

Among the hunting circles of the world, he heard tales of a place called Titan Valley. A place that was supposedly untouched by the outside world since the prehistoric era. That was where the greatest hunts that history had to offer would be. Enamored by this, BGH began searching for the Valley. This led him around the world again, as he questioned the hunters for common elements in their stories. He weeded out the fact from the myth and narrowed it down to the jungles of South America. Believing he had the location down, he led an expedition into the jungle. The journey was perilous, and brought them to places that man had seldom touched. They traveled through mountains that were too steep to climb, and past underground lakes too deep to swim.

Eventually they found the Valley, but at a cost. Fall was lost to the journey, she went missing in the jungle. Rhys feared that her age had finally caught up with her. He sent his expedition down into the valley while he waited at the entrance, hoping that Fall would arrive. When he finally gave up and entered the valley he saw that the stories were true. Even the ones he had deemed impossible had some truth to them.

He chose to stay behind when the expedition returned to civilization. Unfortunately the public knowledge of Titan Valley caused more and more people to seek it out. This included Paleontologists, Tourists, and unfortunately, Poachers. BGH does his best to fight back the poachers that kill any creature they can get their hands on. But their numbers grow far too quickly, and he is but one man.


B.G.H. "Big Game Hunter"

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