Anubis Prototype

A Stolen Prototype from the U.S. Department of Defense


Originally intended to duplicate Vulcan Tech’s Hephaestus suit, the DoD created the Anubis prototype. It was meant to give specially trained soldiers an edge in combat with the increasingly numerous supervillains. With enough of these, the United States Armed Forces could possibly defend from the likes of Reverend Lumina or the Lynchpin without relying on heroes like the late Commander Star or any of the others.

But in March of 2014, right before a huge vote to designate the budget to the DoD, the Anubis prototype was stolen and all known blueprints and schematics were deleted!

Since then, in the year following, Anubis made an appearance in a number of different cities across the country, such as Chicago, New York, LA and even Cinder City. He was attacking and ransacking banks, labs and pharmaceutical companies. He was always confronted by local heroes, but none have managed to truly defeat him and bring him to justice.

Anubis Prototype

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